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Ashleigh Norris CNP, NNCP, Reiki practitioner


Hi my name is Ashleigh Norris and I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

I graduated from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto with First Class Honours and am completing my certification as a Holistic Cancer Care Practitioner and herbalist.

My philosophy is simple.

Radiance starts on the inside.

Eat whole foods.

Move your body.

Listen to your body.

Support your body.

Love more.

Soulfully sprout from where you are right now.


There is a really good chance that you or someone you love is experiencing some health challenges right now that are becoming impossible to live with.

You are in the right place.

 I support people, just like you, going through health challenges including autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances, infertility, chronic fatigue and weight gain.

We work together through some of the most difficult times along their personal healing journey

and am dedicated to their success and well being

every step of the way. 

I never thought these changes in my diet, supplements and some other tweaks would shift the incredible pain I was experiencing for most of my adult life. For the first time in 16 years, I am decreasing my medication rather than ramping it up.
— Kate

Most of you are tired of trying to navigate the dos and don'ts of healthy eating, trendy diets and the one size fits all approach of our current medical system. Maybe you feel lost and frustrated.

Frankly, I have been there.

Having navigated my way through the medical system over the past 14 years with Hashimoto’s disease and thyroid cancer, I finally stepped back and turned to Holistic Nutrition to cure my autoimmune disease and heal my body. 

 I am committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals, make lasting powerful changes in your life and supporting you. 

My job is to empower you when it comes to understanding nutrition, so you can feel energized and confident in your own ability to maintain optimal health and happiness long after we finish working together.

 Are you ready?

Together we can build you a solid foundation for optimal health. 

I believe in your body's ability to heal.

I believe in you.

Ashleigh has been a guiding light for me. I don’t meet many people who are as genuine, loving, gentle, and thorough as her. I am so thankful that our paths crossed when they did. I highly recommend working with Ashleigh; it is one of the best decisions I’ve made. The health of your body, mind, and soul is crucial; I’ve never felt so aligned and tapped into who I am.
— Nikita

Ashleigh Norris Autoimmune Nutritionist Hahsimotos

Education and training is important and that it shouldn’t stop, especially since new discoveries about the human body are happening every second. I am committed to a path of life long learning and want to keep you informed of the areas that I am most passionate about. Here are some of the courses I have participated in since graduating as a Nutritionist to be able to bring my patients the newest and most diverse information possible.

  • NLP Practitioner Certificate Course, Achology, 2019

  • Biotherapeutic Drainage & UNDA Numbered Compounds, Dick Thom, 20-hour online series, 2019

  • Mushroom Medicine in Women’s Health, NFH, Dr. Tori Hudson, 2019

  • The Microbiome: Clinical Protocols and Integrative Therapeutics, Dr. Nigel Plummer PhD, 2018

  • Modulating the Microbiome with Food, Dr. Roxana Rosu, 2018

  • Antibiotics and Probiotics: Potent Manipulators of the Microbiome, Dr. Nigel Plummer PhD, 2018

  • Impact Lives Practitioner Conference, Dr. Megan Walker, Toronto, 2018

  • Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics, Bastyr University, 2018

  • PCOS- The Five Root Approach to Restoring Hormone Balance, Dr. Aviva Romm MD, 2017