spiritual growth

Get your growth on

Grow places you never thought you could.

The past few years have truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of growth that we all have within us, the power we have to change our minds, bodies and realities.

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I had an interesting conversation with someone today where we talked about people being stuck and stagnated by their surroundings, social conditioning, old programming, maybe the people they love, those who raised them. It's iron to think that the very people who we think "raised us" may be holding us back.

It not easy. the thoughts may twirl through you beautiful brain...
But without them who would I be?

Without their opinions, what would I think of myself?

Without their laughter, would I still be funny?

Without their love would I still be worthy of love?

If you're feeling pulled back or smothered, feeling like you have no space to grow into who you really are

I hear you and I offer you the simple words drenched in so much love.

Amaze yourself by growing in the places you never thought you could.