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Erica from Bring Your Own Kombucha interviewed me last week and we had so much fun.

Grab a Kombucha and sit down with us.

There are dietitians. There are nutritionists. And there are Holistic Nutritionists. The list goes on and on. But do you actually know the difference between them all? I had the honor of interviewing Ashleigh from The Soulful Sprout to chat with me about holistic nutrition and how you can up your wellness game. 



Q: What is holistic nutrition (as opposed to regular nutrition?)

This is such a great question, and I’m so glad you started with it. Holistic Nutritionists understand that healing goes beyond fad diets and one size fits all approaches to healing. I envision it like a 3 point system. Mind, Body and Soul. Holistic nutrition embodies healing of the body on a cellular level, spiritual development and working with the mind, to slow it and release it of old patterns that may be holding the body back from true healing. I do believe that many times when people are stuck with a condition or illness they are not embodying holistic healing.


Q: So interesting! Why did you decide to go the holistic nutritionist route?

I landed here, as a certified holistic nutritionist due to my own health challenges that started at a young age. I have been dealing with thyroid issues since I was in my teens, Hashimoto’s which is an autoimmune condition at 19 and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 28. This was my rock bottom, but such a gift because while many would never see their “C word” diagnosis as a gift, it gave me a way out. It was my pivot point. I would say I shed who I was, the things I was doing, my friends, negative environments and relationships and the types of thing I put in and on my body. Since that day, not only has everything changed but I left my high-stress job, never looking back and went to school to study holistic nutrition. Now at age 31, I’m living with the best version of myself and love that I have the opportunity to impact others lives for the better.


Q: WOW! That is quite a story. You are SO INSPIRING! So I understand why you would want to heal you body via holistic nutrition. But can you explain the three totems of Body, Mind and Spirit?

Fueling Your Body-Nutrient dense foods. This means choosing foods that offer the most nutrients per bite, including protein, healthy fats and vitamins.

Mindful relationships. Choose your people wisely. So much of how we feel daily is a result of the relationships we find ourselves and no matter how well-boundaries you are the truth is you will take on other peoples energy. Choose to be around those who lift you up and leave you feeling happy, revived and connected to your true self.

Self Care Routine. Self-care is s a non-negotiable for me and this mostly looks like time alone, hot baths, anything bare-foot and doing my favorite things. (journaling, farmers market and time with my man and dog Olive).

Q: I ASK EVERYONE this question because I’m so so curious. Is there a nutrition trend right now that you want to debunk or encourage?

Honestly, there are so many nutrition trends that are just fabulous, but I particularly love the rise of adaptogens and use of medicinal mushrooms that are happening right now.


We are exposed to so many daily stressors, especially living in a big city like Toronto and our body does it best to cope with these; but let’s face it, our body has a lot of tasks going on and we all need a little help now and then.

Mushrooms and adaptogens help to support the body in regulating stress levels and supporting our adrenals (these are so important) during times of stress. Stress isn’t just emotional either, I’m talking stresses like wifi, radiation, pollution, heavy metal exposures, chemical exposure from nail polish and new furniture in our home. I recently shared more on the use of these amazing mushrooms and ways to incorporate them into your life on my blog

What are some tips or tricks for those wanting to focus on a holistic lifestyle?

I’d say everyone has to start where they are so these tips may vary quite a bit for my clients but eating plants at every meal (veggies, fruits, herbs), avoiding processed foods and shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store where “alive” foods can be found would be a great starting place for most of us.

I hope y’all enjoyed my chat with Ashleigh. Feel free to reach out to her with questions!! Find her social media presence below!

Her blog is killer and shes always sharing on the latest in the health industry.

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