Acne dulling your day? Part 1

Acne is a highly treatable skin condition that is often a manifestation of a deeper internal imbalances. Hormone imbalance, liver imbalance or nutritional deficiencies.

 May times acne is a result of inadequate detoxification and insufficiency of the liver to process chemicals and hormones and eliminate them from the body. This results in a backlog, and higher than normal levels of hormones left in circulation, which the body can't always handle on it's own.

Acne Dulling Your Day? Holistic Remedies

These excess hormones, particularly testosterone lead to the production of acne. Women are particularly susceptible to excess testosterone as we use less of it for normal body functioning. But men and especially teenage boys are no stranger to this acne hormone situation.

This excess testosterone can bind to androgen receptors on the skin, which then gets excreted in the form of acne lesions. Your skin is your largest organ and what's happening in your body usually shows up there.

Additionally, testosterone can lead to increased sebum production which is our skins natural oil. Acne-causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes actually feed on sebum, so when there is an overproduction it creates a more optimal environment for this bacteria to thrive, causing inflammatory, redness and even swelling.

Not everyone’s acne is related to a direct hormonal imbalances. Some people may have food sensitivities that lead to insufficient absorption of nutrients like zinc and inefficient elimination which leads to excess toxins and hormones in digestive tract that end up being reabsorbed.

Toxic overload.

Overall, the aim with herbs and botanicals for assisting acne protocols is to support the elimination of toxins and excess hormones so we can lessen the burden on the liver and kidneys, thus minimizing the amount of detoxification the skin is required to perform.

Below are a few herbs that can be used in treating acne:



oregon grape 



If you have any questions or are ready to get some support around detoxification and addressing skin and liver conditions feel free to reach out to me. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 nect week!