new moon rituals


Sitting silently creating my new moon intentions.

Rituals are so important as they pull us back into routine, ground us, reconnect us with ourselves, help us express our values and passion.

New moons are a beautiful opportunity to sit with ourselves and set our intentions for the next 28 days, including our desires dreams and wishes. Make note of all the the things and experiences you are wanting to bring into you life right now. 

Start by recording these in a journal...and you can deepen this by sending  out your new moon intentions byreading them aloud. 

Let the universe hear what it is you want and need support bringing into your life. This is a powerful practice. 


Next is making some space for these to come into your life.  Check in with yourself and see what you may need to let go of energetically, maybe things that you are no longer in alignment with or something that holds you back from your path or purpose. What's making you feel heavy right now? 

Release it. Set it down here and make room for new growth, more joy and potential. Infinite potential. 

Smudge yourself, your journal maybe your home and the space outside your house. Burning sage is a great way to cleanse and sweeten your surroundings. Clean out physical clutter if you need to. Release it all.

Nourish. My in-laws plant seeds on new moons in their garden and fertilize the soil, so water your plants, plant seeds, prepare for growth. 

Hope in a healing salt and herbal bath, light a candle, music, crystals...cleansing and release, allow yourself to just bliss out in the tub my love.


What are your new moon rituals? Share some with me.