Been falling off your healthy wagon LATELY?

So you've tried it, to make some positive changes in your health.. you started meditating or exercising or maybe drinking green smoothies only to find that 3 days into your new routine, the new you, your fresh habits have already gotten lost in the shuffle? You're over it.

You've decided you don't have time or it's not for you.

We are all excellent at excuses.

So why did you fall off your health wagon so quick?

That’s because our actions stem from our beliefs. Our programed and chosen beliefs and when our actions and beliefs don't line up nothing in life does.

I know you believe you actually WANT to make these changes in your life so what's holding you back?

If you want to optimize your fitness routine, your nutrition, your productivity, your marriage, your parenting, your sex life, or even your closet, you need to go deep, every DEEPER and ask yourself what you truly believe.

Like, get really clear on this.

Spend time here listening to your answers and don't brush this aside. 

This is the work.


Your beliefs are running you, in fact, they have created this exact moment and your entire life so far.

Habits stem from beliefs.

Your daily life stems from your habits.

Want new habits? 

Dig up the old beliefs and let them go.

About ourselves. 

About the world. 

About what’s possible for us.

Above what we are worthy of.

About what we have time and money for.

limiting beliefs and your helath

This is sometimes easier said than done, but sometimes not. Sometimes it just about your awareness.

So how do we let them go? 

The best way I know is to look at your limiting beliefs and consciously look for examples that prove those beliefs wrong.

When I gather enough examples, presto change: the belief is gone.

Next time you decide you want to optimize an area of your life,get healthy and start something awesome, instead of hitting overdrive and trying to make things better through effort alone just GO DEEPER! 

If you need support around making some shifts in your mindset and feeling amazing in your body let's talk.