Love yourself back to life

A few years ago things were off, I mean way off in my life and I fell completely out of love with life.

You know the feeling right? 


A mentor of mine told me something that has stuck, and it was "no one is going to save you, only love will and you have to love yourself back to life." Huh?


I'm sharing this because this week in all the noises Mother Nature has to offer in the North, I heard those words again even louder. More love, more love.


Life is busy, the world stops for no one, social media is overwhelming and can be filled with comparisons and unattainable realities. It can be a hard place to be in the best of times... In all this posting and business of life I know I've lost at times, the ability to deeply appreciate my life for how amazing it really is. .


I've talked down to myself, criticized my everchanging body, hated on my thick thighs and  freckles. I've wanted to be shorter, skinnier, have long hair, blinder hair you name it... 


I'm sharing because maybe you have been doing this to in some capacity in your own life or worse in your own body, maybe you need an invitation to LOVE YOURSELF BACK TO LIFE.


Tell me what you've been experiencing? The negative self talk or body have you overcome this?

Let's learn from each other and rise together.